Hi! I'm Sabrina, a Certified Health and Weight Loss Coach and emotional eating expert,  passionate about helping people transform their lives and bodies in a sustainable and enjoyable way. Through my own health struggles, I have made it my mission to be the guiding voice for all those out there who feel like they are constantly losing a fight against their own body.  


Through my studies at the Institute for Functional Health Coaching and my expertise in cultivating a healthy, balanced lifestyle, I serve as a mentor, motivator, teacher, friend and consistent support.

I currently serve clients remotely from all over the world, as well as locally in Montreal, Canada


We all have stories. Some we tell ourselves from habit, some we craft carefully, unconsciously updating them according to those who influence us. What we often forget is that we have the power to write our own story and shape our outcomes. My story has led me here, to help others take charge of their health and rediscover their confidence. My story is one of constant trial-and-error, searching for the right way of life, the right mix.  The journey there wasn’t easy, and this is how I got there.

Ever since I can remember, food and exercise have been the focus of my life. I was thrown into every sport you could imagine, trying it all before settling into synchronized swimming. I was always known for my appetite, lived for baking, and could easily finish the entire cake on my own. And I bet you can all relate to the nostalgia of being young and unconcerned with toxic beliefs of diet culture, labeling food as “good” or “bad” or being overwhelmed with the plethora of contradicting health advice being thrown at you to attain that “desirable” physique. I sure fell into that diet trap when I retired from synchronized swimming at the age of 18. After being an elite athlete in the sport and training 25+ hours a week, I kept up my carefree eating habits while gravitating to a more sedentary lifestyle. It wasn’t before long that I found myself 25 pounds heavier, lacking energy and generally, unhappy.

Dedicated to reclaiming my health, I started following any health advice I could find on the internet and forcing myself to overexercise to exhaustion, leading to wild hormonal imbalances and constant overuse injuries (hello shin splits, runners’ knee and bursitis to name a few). The war against my body was not a pretty picture to paint: skipping social events to get a workout in, applying seemingly innocent food rules like forcing a salad on myself for lunch every day, and continual self-imposed food restrictions leading me to think about food 24/7. Eat less weigh less, that’s what the internet tells you, right? I thought counting calories and running to the scale every morning would help me get back on track.

Unsurprisingly, not only did I find myself weighing more but also frustrated at my body for not responding to the seemingly “healthy habits” I was imposing on myself. It didn’t take long before that obsession turned into disordered eating, avoiding going to restaurants with friends out of fear of the number of calories I’d consume and uncontrollable urges to binge on the weekend because “I had been good all week”. Discouraged, exhausted, overwhelmed with the misleading health advice that kept getting thrown at me (Keto, vegan, intermittent fasting...I’ve tried them all). What all these lifestyles had in common is that they were not sustainable, at least not for my personal needs.

This might sound all too familiar to you. If so,  I have some good news. I’m here to tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice your happiness to get there. After hitting rock bottom, it took me years to get properly educated, improve my relationship with food, and learn to be gentle to my body. There was a lot of "two steps forward, one step back" battles, but I kept looking forward. I focused on healing my body with natural, wholesome foods and improving my lifestyle and mindset. It wasn’t a “diet”, it was holistic and functional wisdom that I had acquired. I never imagined that a happy and healthy life could be so simple to achieve. Naturally, the pounds started shedding off, I no longer felt like my body was in a constant state of exhaustion, but most importantly I had a newfound enjoyment for life. After years of struggling, my passion to help people shift and transform their lives as I did lead me to pursue my real calling. 

I was 4 years into a degree in financial mathematics, feeling a lack of purpose and drive. I had been chasing a career path that looked good on a resume, sacrificing my happiness in the process. Upon meeting a very special coach, who then became my mentor, I decided to go all-in and get certified at the Institute for Functional Health Coaching. My mission in starting this business was this: if I could help just ONE person recognize they aren't a prisoner in their body and they don't need to diet and restrict to be healthy, it would have all been worth it. 

Today, I don't worry about counting calories. I make healthy choices as often as I can and I eat when my body is hungry. If I want a treat, I'll have a treat. I move my body daily, but I've learned to listen to my body when it needs a break. I practice gentle "self-talk" when I've had a setback. I am here to use my experience to help you reach your optimal health through a whole food and lifestyle approach in a low-stress way to achieve sustainable changes. My newfound outlook on health has truly changed my life, and you can too!

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How I Can Help

My anti-diet approach to weight loss and maintenance teaches clients how to lose weight and keep it off in a sustainable, stress-free way. My system is designed to help you reshape your lifestyle by adopting healthy new habits and breaking unhealthy old ones. The goal is to make simple, pleasurable changes that will result in a healthy weight that you can maintain for the rest of your life.

I empower my clients to eat the foods they love, move their bodies in a way that feels good, and stay motivated for the long-haul. So, whether its pasta, desserts, wine or all of the above, my clients use my proven 4-Step Strategy so that they can finally ditch the years of dieting and drop pounds easily and effortlessly.  
A healthy life is one that feels natural and balanced, not forced or rigid. Focusing on bio-individuality and recognizing each client's unique needs and life experiences, I use a personalized approach that meets you where you are and helps you develop the right habits and knowledge. By working with me, I will deconstruct all the health fads you have been led to believe your whole life. My approach is simple:

-It is not to dwell on calories, avoid dietary fats and fear carbs

-It is not to kill yourself at the gym, 7 days a week

-It is not to create lists of restrictions, or “good” and  “bad” food

There are 4 crucial components to my proven system: 

  • Nutrition : learn how to balance, not count, macronutrients (fats, carbs, protein, and alcohol) for weight loss, maintenance, and health. 


  • Fitness: create a sustainable fitness routine that you can enjoy and stick to long-term, incorporating all kinds of movement that clients connect with, whether it be dance, cardio, strength-training, and/or flexibility.


  • Motivation/Mindset: master the art of unshakeable motivation, willpower, and determination to succeed and solidify your healthy lifestyle. Learn how to manage stress, improve time management, and reduce emotional eating.


  • Accountability: ensure your success with my 1:1 mentorship, with remote weekly check-ins to keep you on track, celebrate your successes, and troubleshoot your obstacles. For every problem, there’s a solution, and I am there to close up any holes in your progress and make sure you get results! You’ll also have access to me via phone and email 7 days a week, in addition to the support of a private online community with others also on the health and weight loss journey.

Join the team of blown away clients who learned how to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun, and rewarding!


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