Are you looking for a healthy way to unite and motivate your employees? Have you ever considered the true power of having a team that is inspired, empowered, happy, and educated?


Evidence suggests that companies who invest in their employees' wellbeing benefit from increased productivity and engagement within the business, decreased turnover and absenteeism, and stronger company culture. The topic of health can be intimidating and confusing, but breaking it down into easy-to-digest learning can equip your team with the knowledge to make informed decisions for themselves. 

Grounded in evidence-based research, my Health and Wellness Seminars take a proactive approach focused on prevention, education, and accountability. Group learning is a convenient and cost-effective way to reach a large number of employees.

Through the simplification of complicated health topics, I help participants better understand their body, feel confident asking questions, stop relying on fads and trends that may have long-term health implications and have faith in the decisions they’re making, and learn how to balance a healthy life with a busy schedule.

Educational seminars can cover a wide variety of topics from stress to whole-food eating and can be customized to meet the needs of your organization. Further personalized corporate health coaching seminars is available for those wishing to pursue assisted food and lifestyle support.


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