How To Drop Pounds Consistently Without Calorie Counting or Giving Up the Foods you Love!

Eat for pleasure again! Achieve your happy, healthy weight and feel amazing in your body again with this proven system

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You've already tried the old way...

❌  Counting your calories or macros

❌  Cutting carbs, meals plans, Weight Watchers
❌  Dieting and detoxing 
❌  See some results 
❌  Get tired of tracking or boring food
❌  Results stall out
❌  Try another program or 28-day challenge
❌  Get confused with all the different info online
❌  Restrict your favourite foods and carbs
❌  Feel low on energy all day long 
❌  Don’t know what to do to get results 

...and it didn't work!

So let's actually start getting you feeling better in your body with some lasting, permanent results with a process that WORKS.


Get back to eating normal food (like CHOCOLATE 🍫 and PIZZA 🍕 ) , lose the confusion, deprivation and enjoy the freedom of living your life again! 


What you'll learn


✓ The healthiest way to consistently and effortlessly drop dress sizes even if nothing else has worked long-term (this is the system I used for myself to lose and keep off 30+ pounds)

​​​​​​​✓ Why there's no calorie counting, giving up your favourite foods or macro tracking in this system. No crazy exercising or popping pills!

The 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES most people make that keep them stuck and struggling for months on end- and you how you can avoid them NOW to start feeling stronger, more confident and looking healthier ASAP

✓ How to stop "falling off the wagon" or falling back into old habits. Hint: STOP the google searches - you won't find your answers in there! 

✓ BONUS! I'll be giving away one of my best tools to get you started on your journey and getting results RIGHT AWAY 

Sabrina Magnan

Board Certified Holistic Health Coach

Sabrina Magnan is a highly sough after health & weight loss coach . She has overcome her own weight & food struggles. She had tried every diet imaginable before finally figuring out the permanent solution that has allowed her to lose 30 pounds and keep it off effortlessly. She now teaches a consistent & sustainable system that allows for flexibility, freedom and FUN of eating all the foods while achieving a maintainable, happy weight  to women from all over the world.